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Effortless “WOW” Dates

January 27th, 2010 ·


Great Dates that Shout “WOW” without all the planning!

How do you plan for such a date for one of the toughest Date Nights of the year?  There are options!

 You could just spend a ton of money:

  • 4 star restaurant – but you better have a reservation already
  • Big concert – check out Ticketmaster – pay more to get good seats
  • Plan a party – but I guess you wouldn’t be looking here if you’d done that


You could also go for the minimalist approach

  • Red roses (never mind the number that turn droopy in 3 days)
  • Hand made card ( a trip to Michaels? Hallmark first to get ideas?)
  • Lobster Dinner at home (well – rent a chef? Ok – add to above points $$)


Let’s face it. The date that you can plan in the next two weeks is a box date.  You can find it, because it’s in a box – you know – four corners, square, exactly as expected. But you are not a box person! You are looking for something

  • Unique
  • Surprising
  • Personal
  • Memorable
  • Exciting
  • Inspiring
  • Romantic

 A REAL Valentine’s Day Date is one that doesn’t fit all the usual suspects.  Have you seen this one coming?? YOU NEED AN


Yes!  A romantic WOW date –without the planning!

If you have been reading this blog, but have yet to check out the rest of the website, now is the time!  The most WOW date you can imagine is at your fingertips!

  • Without a ton of money
  • Without any planning
  • You will find personal touches  -  discover surprises in the “Secretly Hers” and “Secretly His” envelopes
  • Unique and tantalizing specially designed romance games
  • All the supplies (some silly and some dreamy) for your date
  • As with all of our dates, your adventure begins the week leading up to your date

heart shaped fower

So NOW is the time to go shopping…for your WOW Valentine’s Date! No planning – just shop and click!


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