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6 Common Mistakes in a Relationship

November 12th, 2009 ·

Relationship Problems – Do you prioritize your relationship?


Who hasn’t heard of Catch 22?   It’s a term coined by Joseph Heller in his novel Catch-22, describing a paradox in rules, regulations, procedures, or situations which present the illusion of choice while preventing any real choice.

And what does this have to do with common mistakes in a relationship?  It is possible all of us feel like we’re in a Catch 22 at some point in our relationship….feeling as if we have no choice.  Could that be a driver leading us to make our most common mistakes?

catch 22

Let’s leave it to the Ph.D’s, the Counselors, and the Advisors, to explain the drivers of common mistakes. Literally! A little online searching and you begin to see the repetition –revealing the most common mistakes.  Let’s hear what the experts say! 

Common Mistake #1:  You avoid confrontation

Communication is often the solution to solving problems, so if you avoid talking about them, they’ll only get bigger. A small argument now is much better than a painful fight later. Avoiding confrontation also means agreeing with him/her dismissively but not sticking to your word. For instance, if she says, “Don’t fart around me,” and you say, “Okay,” mean it.   Read more: http://love.ivillage.com/snd/sndcouplehood/0,,askmen_8sxsskqm-3,00.html#ixzz0WQIglvVK

Common Mistake #2:  Forgetting “Thank you” and “I’m sorry”

This one is SO common, with so many entries, that you don’t need an expert to interpret it!  But couldn’t resist the Web MD expert’s…Problem-solving strategies:


 Common Mistake #3:  Argue for or justify your want

Anxiety that your wants are not important enough to be satisfied may lead you to present them as a persuasive argument, with an overwhelming flood of reasons why you should want them or that the wants should be satisfied, (“I should get more of the money than you do, because …….”). This can provoke your partner to object and argue in return, rather than listen.   Read more:  http://www.divorce360.com/divorce-articles/counseling/save-marriage/dr-romance-5-common-mistakes-in-relationships.aspx?artid=1606


 Well, were those the first three Mistakes what you expected to see?  Are you getting ready to argue?!! Hold that thought! And take a guess at the next three of The Six Common Mistakes in a Relationship. We invite you to comment and leave your guesses. Check back in the next 3 or 4 days, for the unveiling of the final 3 Common Mistakes!! question mark

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